Family holiday Polperro, Cornwall
I'm Steve Turner and live in Norfolk with my wife and kids ( who have always been an inspiration in furthering my pursuits in photography ).
I have had a long interest in many aspects of photography, people, landscapes, nature, cars, sport and so some of us starting off with some pretty basic cameras in the pre-digital age ( yes I am old enough unfortunately ! ). I recall waiting for photos to be developed and often being a bit disappointed with the end result.
My first digital camera was a 5 megapixel Sony Cyber-shot, which at the time I thought was the 'bees knees'. I remember a wonderful trip to New York with my wife and taking it with me, with the aim to photographing the famous yellow taxi cabs with the steam coming from their equally famous drains. Well I managed to bag a lot of shots, some of which grace my walls at home to this day. We would probably 'sniff at' only 5 megapixels today!
Once my first child was born I decided I had to upgrade the camera, as I was taking so many pictures of her and came to the conclusion I had to get off 'auto settings' and learn how to get the images I envisaged. So this adventure I'm currently on with Wedding and Portrait Photography started there. What I find is that grabbing those great shots of people is so rewarding. There is plenty of joy in life and handing over images that people genuinely love does it for me!
 Generally I find myself constantly looking at good light, great composition ( it can become an obsession you know! ). I often find myself if I'm out wandering around thinking 'ooh that would make a great photo'. I'm sure my children will tell you, my camera doesn't often leave my side ( the groans at times when it appears out of my camera bag, sorry kids!! ).
So as your photographer I aim to capture as natural images of people as possible, in an unobtrusive and relaxed style. I am told I have particular skill with photographing children, probably from a background snapping lots of family and friends kids over the years, as well as working with children as a forest school teaching assistant in the past and the camera never being far away! I work closely with the school nowadays, photographing the children for content on their Website.
If I am photographing your Wedding I will aim to build a relationship with you so you get what you want from your day, I don't spend hours of your time posing you, instead we work together to get those natural shots most of us prefer.

Oh and please find me on Facebook and Instagram via the links below if you wish to see more of my work.

Pembrokeshire, South Wales
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